CR2477 Button cell 1/5 v moricell

CR2477 Button cell 1/5 v moricell

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Moricell CR2477 Coin Battery Importer

The CR2477 battery has a diameter of 24 mm and a thickness of 7.7 mm.

The Moricell CR2477 coin battery is one of the coin-operated batteries in China.
So, if you are looking for the right battery for your watch or accessories such as remote controls, children's toys, store terminals, cache electronics, hearing aids, presence devices, and more, we recommend the battery of Moricell. we do.

If we want to break the CR 2477 statement and get some information about the battery, it can be stated that C is the battery and actually indicates its lithium. R is derived from the word Round and refers to the circular shape of the battery. The number 24, as indicated, indicates the diameter of the battery in millimeters and the number 77 of the thickness of the battery by placing an audit between the two numbers in millimeters.

In general, coin batteries, as their name suggests, are circular and coin-like batteries with a diameter of 5 to 25 mm and a height of 1 to 6 mm. In this type of battery, both up and down are both positive and negative poles, and they come from lithium and the energy generated in the two heads of the battery is 3 volts.
These batteries are used in portable electronic devices with very low flow rates, so these batteries usually have a longer battery life than alkaline batteries.


With any specialization and with any kind of need for the types of industrial batteries we will meet your needs.

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